One of the beauties of living in Spain is the use of a fan in the summer. You can get them super cheap almost anywhere, and they are definitely not to display. They're for carrying in your purse, and flicking open at the bus stop, or on the bus, or the metro.

**When one searches for "fans" one gets people dressed up in team jerseys with painted faces :)



When I was a kid, we lived in Brantford, Ontario for two years. I walked to school. At certain times of the year, I had to walk by a hedge that was absolutely full of grasshoppers. I hated that hedge, because often I would get bombarded by grasshoppers jumping on me.

I have told this story to my kids (in the spirit of "I had to walk to school both ways uphill".) So yesterday, Meg said to me, giggling, "You should have taken John the Baptist with you. He could have helped you!"

That girl makes me smile.



Nicolas made it through the school year without any "expert" help. He had a great teacher, and between her efforts and us working with him, he did pretty well. The last day at school he got these two awards. :) These make me happier than many others could :) He and Meg also each got their Bible award for the year.