7 Quick Takes Friday #6


Grandpa is in town :) Well, not mine, but my kids'. I am super happy to have him here, and the kids are pretty happy too.

Here is a photo of the two of us taken in November 07.


I always get more emotional in airports at the arrival hall (not the departures.) It makes me teary watching people reunite. I remember when we arrived back in Colorado Springs after our 3-month internship in Lisbon, Portugal (we had to pick up our visas for Spain in the US.) I walked out into the terminal with 15-month old Meaghan asleep on my shoulder, and when I saw my friend Lucy standing there waiting for us, I almost lost it.


I have been wanting a new shoulder bag. Now that our car is dead I have been taking the bus out to work and I find I want to drag more stuff with me than will fit in my purse. I saw this bag at Accessorize (which is a store I love!) but was very put off by the price tag, which was more than 50 euro. Today I found a cute one at C&A that was less than half of that. Woo hoo! It's not quite as cute as the Accessorize, but I was happy to find something that will work that's not going to break the bank!


I am thoroughly disgusted about my current weight. Hopefully disgusted enough to actually DO something about it.


I am still coming to grips with the fact that ER is gone for good. I watched the very episode 15 years ago (when we actually lived in Chicago) and have watched all the seasons. Crazy!


I just noticed that my little calendar date icons are wonky. When did that happen. Now I will have to obsess fix them. Phooey.


Sometimes I feel weird that I participate in this and am not Catholic. I hope nobody thinks I'm a poser.



It took me awhile to settle on a place to "keep" our digital photos. I have tried out quite a few, but in the end I settled on Shutterfly and I have been really happy with it. You can download free photo software, but the thing that I like the best about it is the "Share" sites you can use to show your photos. I like the way you can personalize the display in many different ways. And the best thing is that it's free. Since I try and use our money as wisely as possible, I'm really happy not to have to pay a fee every year. They also have great offers for members. And, I was also able to add a page for Meaghan to put her pictures.

If you want to check out our page, it's here.

**Uploading to Shutterfly does take significantly longer than some other sites, but since it's free, I don't mind!