7 Quick Takes Friday # 4


We have finally gotten some sun again, and boy, has it made a HUGE difference in my spirits. I have been trying to get outside in the sunshine as much as I can to soak it up. My weather bar has a big ole sun on it for tomorrow with a 57 next to it. That makes me very very happy!


I have been reading through the Bible chronologically this year (I found a schedule here) for the first time, and I'm really enjoying it. I'm reading in the Message, which I love. I haven't read much of the OT in The Message yet, and it's really coming alive. I am behind this week, so I plan on spending some time on the balcony in the sun tomorrow, catching up.


Facebook makes me happy. I have been getting back in touch with people from years ago (lately, from Canada) and it does my heart so much good to reconnect. At this point in my life I deeply appreciate relationships with longevity. I am grateful that God is blessing me with this "reconnectings."


I am looking forward to Lent again this year. I only began observing Lent a few years ago (I'm not a Catholic but my hubby and I deeply value the ancient future aspect of our faith.) Last year I gave up facebook (which makes #3 considerably ironic! :) ) reading blogs and writing on mine. This year I plan to do the same, but also make some changes in my eating habits. I like the idea of not only "taking things away" but also adding good things as well.


Our daughter turns 12 soon, and we're starting on the adventure that is puberty :) Thankfully, she is a delightful girl. I am hoping that we'll have to deal with rampant emotions more than snarkiness. She has a tender heart. Last week during Godly Play, she told me about how she had learned in chapel (at school) that people are persecuted for their faith. She said "I think it's happening right now, so I think we should pray about it." So we did.


Having lived outside of the US for the past 11 years, I forget that Valentine's Day is not just romantic. Here they call it "El Dia de los Enamorados" (those in love) and they would be stunned at the amount of loot my son came home with from school today.


Next week my friend Lisa (one of the 3 close friends that California has stolen from me in recent years) is coming to town for a quick visit. I am SOOO excited.