7 Quick Takes Friday #3


I have been soooo tired the past couple of Fridays that I haven't gotten anywhere near a post. I'm tired today too but determined to write SOMETHING.


My baby turns 9 tomorrow. I got on the birthday party bandwagon a bit late and everything may end up being a bit haphazard. Thankfully Nic is easy to please. We just got back from a little jaunt down to the party store to pick up supplies. I was afraid that nobody would be able to come since we live quite a distance from most of his classmates, but there will be at least 6, so he's happy.


Friday is "Mess Around Day" at our house. The kids are allowed to do whatever when they get home from school (they don't have to do homework). We often make popcorn, watch a movie or play Wii. Ray Charles wrote our theme song :)


We don't feed our Beagle (a.k.a Lardo) people food (mainly because she steals it whenever she can) EXCEPT for popcorn. She is addicted. As soon as she hears the popcorn bag being opened to put in the microwave she comes running. Here she is "sitting pretty" for popcorn.


My husband makes the potato salad in our house. I love potato salad but have always considered it too much work to make myself :) Tonight he made it for the community group he and Meg go to. I made him leave me a little bit. The house smells delicious!


Winter in Madrid is normally fairly sunny. Even if it's cold we usually have deep blue skies. This winter it has been cloudy, cloudy, snowy, rainy, foggy and cloudy some more. I think that might be part of the reason I feel so tired. I need me some sunshine.


I very rarely have long conversations on the phone anymore. When we first moved to Spain we had to pay for all our calls so I got in the habit of not talking long. Now we pay a flat fee (albeit a fairly pricey one) for calls but I still rarely pick up the phone.



I don't know what my deal is, but I have got to get myself motivated. Christmas vacation was great (I was very tired and really needed that down time) but I have had such a hard time getting back into good routines since then!

I think one of my biggest problem areas right now is grocery shopping. I haven't quite figured this out since I started working part-time. And since the opened a Carrefour City just down the block it has been too easy and convenient to make a dozen little trips there. Granted, the prices are OK. But they don't carry everything, obviously, since the story is probably 1/eleventy-billionth of the size of the big one 3 metro stops away.

I feel generally disorganized and behind on things. Why am I telling you this? I don't know :) But maybe it will embarrass me into some kind of action!

That is all.