7 Quick Takes Friday #2

Thanks to Jennifer at Conversion Diary for hosting!


We actually had a snow day today! It's practically unheard of, but it snowed most of the morning and is back at it again. It would have been nice to know it was coming before we got up at 6:25, and the kids left at 7:10 and then spent 20 minutes standing outside in the dark waiting for their ride. But either way, we've enjoyed the unexpected sight of white where we usually only see green!

Poor puppy wanted to go play too.


I fear my husband may blow a gasket while playing the Wii NHL game he got for Christmas. He's tripping people, fighting and all kinds of hockey-like behavior. He also is doing TERRIBLE, he's NEVER GOING TO BE ABLE TO PLAY ALL-STAR...


I went back to work at one of my schools yesterday and I have to say, I missed those little critters. Gotta love 6-year-olds giving me hugs and telling me they missed me etc.


I really wanted to have sushi for dinner tonight, but I am way too comfy and warm and too lazy to walk the over one block and down a block and a bit to buy cream cheese and soy sauce. That's pretty bad!


I got to chat with my friend Gretchen in Boston, which was nice. I miss her! She used to live here in Madrid but moved back at the end of the summer.


Nic turns 9 on the last day of January. Apparently he wants a birthday party this year. A soccer party, with soccer plates, cups and napkins. And "we" can make a soccer cake. How soon they learn that royal we. Never mind that in Spain it's called futbol and he doesn't even really play. And excuse me, but how did my baby get to be almost 9?


I am excited because we're going to be treated to quite a few visitors over the next months.Lisa, Linus, Hud and Nancy, Rita, my Dad and step-mom, hopefully the Aults. Yay! Visitors make me happy. What are you waiting for?


The Bells

Our apartment is only a block away from a church that rings its bells. Even though we don't worship there, I love the sound of the bells that calls me to worship, no matter what I am doing when I hear them.