7 Quick Takes Friday #12


I have been pathetically absent from the bloggy world this summer, so I decided I was going to do a Quick Takes post today if it killed me :)

We arrived in the US on June 24, and have been in Chicago, Kansas, Colorado and now Minnesota. We're here for another week and then we head south, to Miami and then Brazil to visit my Dad and his wife.

As always, furlough is a mixture of great moments with people we love and miss, and those moments when we'd do almost anything to sit on our own couch and sleep in our own beds.


Meaghan got glasses. It took her a little while to get used to the idea, but she settled into them just fine.


Nic, as usual, has approached this summer with unbridled enthusiasm. He has gone tubing, driven the speed boat, gone fishing and all number of other things. Often at the end of the day, he says "This was the best day EVER." Here he is with his first (and only) fish.

My hard drive crashed the day before we left Colorado. Thankfully it was still under warranty at Best Buy, so I now have a new hard drive. I was impressed with the service I got from both Dell and the Geek Squad. I always forget the difference in customer service between Spain and the U.S.


My stepsister Raquel got married in Brazil this past Saturday. She was a beautiful bride, and we're looking forward to meeting her new husband when we arrive in Brazil. I would show you a photo but Facebook has been crazy sluggish since the whole denial of service thing yesterday. Apparently Firefox does not like my new hard drive or something. Annoying!


We have been enjoying an exceptionally cool summer. Everywhere we have been it has been bearable and often cool and rainy. Nice.


One of the highlights of the summer so far was arranging for our friends Jonathan & Taryn to show up in Colorado at our Christian Associates conference. Troy and the kids didn't know about it, and their reactions were priceless. When they post the video of it, I'll have to put it on here.

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Happy Friday!

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