One of the beauties of living in Spain is the use of a fan in the summer. You can get them super cheap almost anywhere, and they are definitely not to display. They're for carrying in your purse, and flicking open at the bus stop, or on the bus, or the metro.

**When one searches for "fans" one gets people dressed up in team jerseys with painted faces :)


curlyheadedtuba said...

I got the prettiest fan ever while I was in Madrid visiting Mary. However, it is on display. When Samuel gets to the walking around and pulling on things stage, it will go in a box for a while :)

Mary Clara said...


be careful!

Heather said...

Mary, you are too funny :) We all sleep with a fan on in the summer all night and we ain't dead yet :)

Sheila, there are the display fans and the fans that cost a euro :)

..j.a.z.e.r.r.. said...

Hey there! This is going to be fairly random, but in searching for missionaries in Spain, I came across your blog.

My wife and I believe the Lord is leading us to Santander, Cantabria. I'm having difficulty finding a missions organization that has a presence in that area, or even an evangelical church. Do you know of any? Please email me!

Heather said...

you didn't leave a way for me to contact you!

I'm afraid I don't have any personal knowledge of a ministry like what you are looking for, and unfortunately we leave for the summer in less than a week so I can't volunteer to find anything out!

I hope you find something.