7 Quick Takes Friday #11


Summer is officially in session in our house. The kids finished school today at 1. We got home around 4, and there is already paper carnage spread around the living room. Nic raided the paper recycling he's making a waterfall apparently. And so it begins.


The Michael W. Smith concert last night was amazing. This is the first concert like that we've been to in our 11 years in Spain; what a privilege! I was really happy that our kids got the chance to do it. It's great when Compassion International is involved too, love the exposure given to kids in need. It was a late concert, and by the time all the initial stuff was done it was 10 p.m. Nic had just said to me that he was ready to go home when the light show started and the music came up. His eyes about popped out of his head and he was on his feet clapping and having a blast. He did fade but rallied for the last number :) Bless him, that boy has no beat at all but he had a blast clapping and jumping around anyway.


Ants have declared war on our household; more specifically on the kids' bathroom. We keep spraying and spraying and they keep coming. I think we have two varieties, one with wings and one without. Hello, warm temps.


I am thoroughly annoyed with the amount of spam that is getting in my inbox. I use Outlook to manage things, but use google email, which does a pretty great job of keeping most spam in my spam folder. Not lately; I get more spam in my in box than real mail by far. Someone told me that it's because spammers are using images in the messages. Whatever they are doing, they are ridiculous! Imagine what they could accomplish if they put so much energy into something productive!!


I am getting the hankering to mess with my blog again. Oh no, somebody stop me! :) I really love my background though, so I may just have to do a new header. We'll see. Or I could TOO LATE! I SHOULD be productive and work on organizing things for our summer furlough which is approaching at the speed of light!


I got the long awaited official letter saying I can be an "Auxiliar de Conversacion" (English-speaking teacher's aide) again next year. It seems fairly clear that I will be assigned full-time at the school where I enjoy working. Still praying that proves true! The best thing is that I'll be able to drive the kids to school and pick them up, which translates into them being able to get up a little later and have more Mom time. So thankful to God for providing for our family this way!


Now that I was a numb skull and changed my template I'll be fiddling with forever until it does exactly what I want! I need help!


curlyheadedtuba said...

I love love love the new background-- so much!! I was thinking this afternoon that I would like to change mine... but it will have to wait until later. Until after Jeremy isn't sick and Samuel isn't taking a 30 minute nap.

curlyheadedtuba said...

Or I'll wait until 1 AM.

Also, I'm a little bit jealous because you obviously know what you're doing when it comes to this cute blog stuff... I just accept whatever free option people offer.

Mary Clara said...

I miss your kids and their little projects. Remember the time Nic wanted my address and phone number for his little book? And I told him that I would do it next time, unless I died first. You were horrified :).

Heather said...

Not the first or last time I was/will be horrified I'm sure.

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