7 Quick Takes Friday #9


Wow, I don't know what is different this year, but I have never had allergies this severe in Spain before. Nic is also having a really hard time. Whatever is out there blooming, I hope it finishes soon! A good rain would probably help clear the air as well, but I'm not sure if any is in the forecast!


Today is another holiday in Madrid, San Isidro; the patron saint of Madrid. Gotta love Spain and their constant holidays :)


Garage sales don't really exist in Spain, but once a year the school where our kids attend holds a big sale. I have some stuff to get rid of, so I hope to get some time today to sort and price the stuff I have set aside I decided that I would be a complete idiot to think that sorting through a bunch of dusty stuff out on the balcony and then spending tomorrow morning outside surrounded by fields would be a good idea. Oh well, there is always next year.


It's the season of saying goodbye for us once again. This weekend we have to say goodbye to one of our church gals who has been an integral part of our church for awhile now. Boooooo.


Our kids have less than a month of school left, and I am starting to realize there is a lot I need to get done before we head to the US on June 24. Yikes!


Troy and I are reaching the end of our second week of diet/eating better. We have both lost weight and are feeling more energetic, so that has been really encouraging. We're not done yet by any means, but it has been a good start!


When I read this article about the razing of the home of one of the Slumdog Millionaire child stars, it just made me feel so hopeless. How is this possible when so many of us have sat in the movie theater with our popcorn and enjoyed this movie? And yet still, this boy sits in the rubble of his home. There is something very wrong in the world.

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