7 Quick Takes Friday #8


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My hubby is the best! After last week's post, he told me he would eat better/diet with me if it would help. He even resisted homemade pizza and cheesecake on Wednesday night. We're on day 5 of a 14 day period that's fairly restricted, but we've had no whining and no cheating and we both feel better; more energetic and healthy. I am so grateful for this man! Not just in the dieting thing. Over the past few months he has been so supportive with the adjustments of me going back to work, outside our home and my church role. He has stepped up and added even more responsibilities to his already loaded plate without complaint. And his cheerfulness often keeps me going when I may not be feeling so cheerful.


I have a serving tray similar to this idea, only rectangular. I'm pretty sure we got it for a wedding present almost 18 years ago, and I really have not used it very often. This week a light bulb went on over my head. I never feel like cutting up veggies during the week, but a tray full of veggies and ranch dip made with low-fat yogurt has been awesome to have in the fridge all week! So easy and motivating to know they are in there. Meg loves veggies and dip, so even though she most certainly does not need to diet, she's been enjoying it too. I plan on doing this most weeks, even if we aren't "dieting." It's especially nice now that the weather is warm.


I just got the call that our car is repaired. Since they are only open for 2 hours I doubt I'll make it to pick it up today. Next step, inspection, which was due in April. Hope they don't hassle me too much for being late. Also that is passes without any other problems (tires could be an issue. And oh yeah, if the horn doesn't work. It's crazy strict here.)


I really need to write a newsletter since my goal is to have it out on the first of the month. I'm blogging. Uh oh.


Allergy season is definitely here. It looks like both kids are going to need to take it this year.


I probably need to go to the store and buy some veggies for dinner, but I'm hoping I can find enough stuff for a decent salad in the fridge. I defrosted the freezer this week (the fridge part is frost-free, the freezer not. Weird!) I hate that job so I'm glad it's done!

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