7 Quick Takes Friday #10


This morning I had a delicious raisin bun (supplied by our good friends Al & Elizabeth who arrived from Amsterdam last night.) It was delish, as usual. Funny thing; I haven't had a piece of bread in over 3 weeks! I love bread but it hasn't been too bad not eating much of it (except an occasional craving for a croissant!


It's funny how you think your kids are always growing up but then on certain days they just seem to have changed in leaps and bounds! Nic has seemed that way to me especially lately. He goes to elementary camp with his school next week and will be gone for 2 nights. It's the first time he will be going off and leaving the rest of us at home! Recently he began making the after-school tea, and swallowing his allergy pills whole. :)


Next Thursday night we get to see Michael W. Smith in concert! Our kids really have no idea who he is :) but we are super excited. Concerts like this rarely happen in Spain!


Our kids finish school next Friday at lunch-time. They have already been eyeing the pool downstairs, which opens on June 10th :) I have to work until June 23, and we fly to Chicago on June 24!


Our dog knows that she can stare at me and annoy me to the point where I will give her food in the afternoon. No matter when I get home, she stares at me pathetically until I give in and feed her. If Troy is home alone with her she will go all afternoon without a peep. Pickle. You can tell who is the alpha around here.


You can tell that Troy and I have not been eating bread, because when I opened the bread drawer today to get bread out for sandwiches for our guests I found a VERY nasty piece of moldy homemade bread that has been festering. Ick. Nice, Heather.


Can I just say how annoying it is to have to figure out immunizations from 2 different countries? I am majorly stressed out by shots right now!!!

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