7 Quick Takes Friday #5


During Lent, I had the mumps. Seriously. What? I had terrible pain in my face and jaw one night. The next day I went to the ER, thinking I had an infected tooth or something. The ER doc said he wasn't 100% sure but he thought I had "parotiditis, a viral inflammation of the salivary glands." I came home and looked up the English translation. "Wait, he's saying I have the MUMPS???" Yeah. Go figure.


Our 15-year old car is dead. Meg and I drove the dog to the vet (who would take her to the kennel) the day before our annual Easter retreat. The already poorly car began acting up even more on the way home. Thankfully, we made it home. It's now parked in the garage under the building, and I'm wondering if it will even start again. This is when the stress of living in a foreign country is the worst. We're trying to decide if we at least find out what it will cost to repair, or if we should just junk it. Either way, the whole thing is a pain and I'd rather just leave it in the garage. Yeah, very mature.


I love this picture of my daughter. My friend Amy took it on the Easter retreat during the worship jam session.


We finally have tickets for our furlough this summer. We normally have one every other summer, but we skipped last summer. Although it's not always the most restful time, I am so looking forward to heart connections with people who know and love us well back in the US. We're ready for a break, and I so need to have my emotional tank filled again.


My Daddy is coming to visit. He and my step-mom actually arrive in Madrid today but are driving straight to Portugal, so I won't see him until next Friday. That makes me strangely misty; wish I could at least get in one hug today. But very excited to see him next Friday.


We had a great time on our Easter retreat. I am always so blessed and grateful for the time and space to really sit with the Easter story. The whole experience of Maundy Thursday, celebrating a Seder, worshipping together, hanging out, and the joy of Sunday morning is a treasure.


I finally read The Shack this week. I tend to wait awhile when something gets a lot of hype because I am resistant to hype :) I really enjoyed it. I was tickled to find out it was written by a missionary kid. I can feel the stirrings of the story working their way through my heart.

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