7 Quick Takes Friday

I have been reading Jennifer over at Conversion Diary for awhile now. She's smart and funny and I really enjoy her perspective on things. I really want to blog more this year, but who knows if it's really going to happen. I figure I can at least manage once a week :) I was going to take some photos and all that but then it'll be next Friday before I get this post done.

My daughter's feet are almost the same size as mine. I wear a size 5. She's almost 12. Do you think I can wish that she'll stop at size 5 so we can share shoes? I didn't think so :( A girl can dream though.

This year my "theme" is the word "present" as in "being present" (although I like presents too!) Circumstances in our life and ministry mean that life in Madrid is often lonely. Since I connect with people online a lot, I am often on my computer. That's a necessary evil to be able to stay in touch with those I love who are far away, but this year I want to do better about really being present where I am. I think this year that will mean more deliberate connection with my family.

When I was growing up I journaled like crazy. I haven't done that in a long long time, but I'd like to journal more regularly this year.

Barb over at Chelsea Morning has a "Good Things" book where she keeps track of ideas she likes and all kinds of stuff. Even though I don't get many magazines (too much of a pain to ship to Spain) I think this would be a great way to keep track of stuff I find online and print out. I'd like to start one this year.

I am perplexed by the amount of cleavage I see nowadays. Not just on celebrities but on normal everyday people, even women my age. I just don't get it. I'm just saying.

After being a complete slug almost constantly since December 26th, I went a little nuts today. We put away all the Christmas stuff, I'm washing couch throw pillows and even took the footstool apart so I could "dry-clean" the fabric in the dryer.

When we're on vacation, we tend to stay up WAAAAAAAY later than normal and then sleep in. Problem is, that does not mesh with real life. So starting tonight, I have to start going to bed at a normal hour for me. Or next week will be a killer.

That's all!


The end of 2008

Well, after literally spending most of the last days with my behind planted firmly on the couch I am finally starting to feel some stirrings of motivation to do SOMETHING. Problem with me is that my desire for order always goes a little nuts at New Year's so I have to be careful or I'll try to go from 0 to 105 in 30 seconds and end up right back where I was at the end of Christmas, plumb tuckered out. Oh the ongoing challenge of finding balance in life!

I really do want to get things in order though before the long haul until Easter begins. November was the only month that I worked a normal schedule and although it was manageable, I have a feeling that by Easter I'll be ready for a break again. So I want to be able to start well and keep up a reasonable pace.

Hard to believe it's the end of another year. Last year we made the mistake of trying to get some food delivered. For some reason after all the years we have lived in Spain we didn't realize that NOTHING is open on New Year's Eve. So yeah, we were kind of pathetic. Since I have been a slug for the last 5 days I am thinking I might make lasagna. I haven't made it for a LONG time (it's a pretty expensive dish with the meat and cheese) but I grew up making it with my Mom.

Wherever you are, may you have something to eat tonight. And may 2009 be whatever HE wants it to be for each of us.

See you next year!