Expanding the Repertoire

Even though I'm generally the one who cooks, Troy has a certain repertoire of dishes that he always makes. They include all dishes involving bacon (bacon and tomato sandwiches, French toast and bacon) and grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken noodle soup.

Last week we wrote about summer foods we love. I was working full-time at Red Hat, so I wasn't much good in the cooking department when I dragged my butt home through the heat. One night my amazing hubby decided he was going to try and make some stuff off my summer list. He made potato salad which was amazing, cold carrot/bacon/raisin salad (he wanted to make the broccoli-bacon-raisin one but couldn't find broccoli and fried chicken. I was impressed.

So now, even though he admits that potato salad is sort of finicky to make, he has agreed that it can be part of his repertoire. It's on the menu for dinner!



Early this morning, around 6, I woke from a dream in which I was cold. Our room was blissfully cool.

I happily, sleepily, pulled a light blanket from the under-the-bed-storage and snuggled back to sleep.

I can't wait until the nights are cold enough to put the duvet back in the cover.