I'm Outta Here

I'm now officially on vacation until next Tuesday morning. SWEET! I have not been this ready for a vacation in quite awhile; it's been an overbearing couple of weeks and I am almost overwrought. I'm tired, emotional, and really sick of saying goodbyes. Tonight it was Kristen.

I'm thankful to have my friend Lisa here, but all the while I'm enjoying her company I realize I have to say goodbye to her again next Tuesday. I'm sitting here eating the Jr. Mints she brought me and I can't stop, even though I find I can only handle a few before the sweetness becomes ridiculous.

I'm proud of myself because I did not even consider taking my computer on this vacation. We're going to be hanging out with friends of ours. I'm hoping for lots of laughter, time with my family, maybe some reading, playing with our Christmas camera, etc. It feels good to be able to leave it all behind.

Peace, I'm out.