Craving Order: A Completely Shallow Post in which I Covet Organization stuff.

I have a draft post waiting to be written. It's called "Uproar", which basically describes the state of my life right now. But as you can see, the uproar in my life has kept me from writing about it. Anyway, more on that later.

I have been craving more order, especially around the house. I really like having a small amount of living space because it encourages us to live with less stuff, and it's also less house to clean. But the problem comes with ORGANIZING the stuff. A few weeks ago, I saw this post, and it made me sin. I coveted that little haven of organization!!! I was ready to throw away my Swiss Family Robinson balconied apartment (which I dearly love) and go find a house, with a mudroom, so I too could have a space like that.

Problem is, having a space like that requires $$$$$$$$$. Or at least $$. A few weeks ago I was completely fed up with the closet in our office, so I mostly cleaned it out and somewhat organized it. Except for now the office actually looks worse because there is stuff strewn about that I need to get rid of/find another spot for etc. And I tend to feel like if I could just to to Ikea and spend 20 or 30 or 400 euro on organizational stuff, everything would fall into place, miraculously.

Sigh. The other thing is, most of the organizational stuff requires SPACE, still. I am limited by little nooks and crannies, short lengths of wall, and radiators standing in inconvenient-something-else-would-be-so-cute-there corners. I have been wandering around with a tape measuring, muttering to myself and flipping feverishly through the Ikea catalog.

Here are some photos that make me swoon. Yes, they are Pottery Barn photos, and no, I have never bought a single thing there. But look, how neat and pretty!

Below is the most spectacular wall organizer thing I have ever seen! It has little pockets for my gadgets, where they can actually charge! Be still my heart. But you know what, there isn't enough a span of wall in our office big enough to accommodate it! (Now isn't that a relief, because otherwise I would have just ordered it and had it shipped to Spain. I wish.) I would also love to do the office in that blue, and chocolate brown.

And look at this handy little charging station. I tried to make one with a basket recently, for our phone chargers. My husband looked at me askance and asked me to extricate his phone charger since we were going away for the weekend.

Note to all my Macivite friends. I do not want the IPhone (but yes I am cool enough to recognize it when I see it) I just want the charging station!!

Even this jobby would make the organization of said office closet much easier. But guess what, Amazon.co.uk does not carry it and I am not paying to have it shipped from America.

Spain does not have the Container Store, and the stuff they do have to organize is often nice but way pricey. No garage sales or Goodwill where I can pick up used stuff either.

So, does anyone know how I can win a whole bunch of organizing? And does anybody else ever get this way?
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