Nic has speech and language therapy every Wednesday, so when I take him I have an hour to kill. I have been trying to watch how much we spend, so today I avoided Starbucks and instead went next door to VIPS. I ordered Patatas Vips (potatoes with ali oli) and a Coke. While I waited, I cleaned out my purse a bit (something I often do during those Wednesday hours.) The waitress brought my Coke but I hadn't taken even one sip, when I noticed that my wallet was not in my purse! I had a moment of panic when I wondered if it had been lifted on the metro on the way home after the morning meetings that Troy and I had.

Then I very clearly remembered taking it out of my purse to get some euro coins to tip the grocery delivery guys. And leaving it on the kitchen table.

I quickly got up and explained to the waitress that I had forgotten my wallet, that I hadn't even sipped my Coke, and that I needed to cancel my order. I slunk out of the restaurant, wondering what I should do with the 50 minutes I had left.

That's when I remembered the cash I had in my pocket, a 50 euro bill and at least one 20 euro bill.

But at that point I was too embarrassed to go back in and say "Oh wait, bring my potatoes, I'm an idiot and I had money all the time!"

So I went next door to Starbucks and bought a small coffee.