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My friend Peej (PJ, Patty) and I have been writing together since high school. She is a lot more diligent about it than I am though! Anyway, she tagged me, so what is a girl to do? So without further ado (oh, I'm sure there will be SOME ado along the way!) here are 10 reasons I blog:

1) It gives me a place to verbally roll my eyes. You know how much I love to roll my eyes.
2) I laugh at myself all the time, might as well let you laugh along.
3) Sometimes, a girl's just gotta vent.
4) It's a good way to get built-in accountability. Nothing like opening yourself up to the internets!
5) It keeps me writing, even if it's not scintillating.
6) I have actually made some really good friends in the blogosphere even though I have never met them in real life! (Hi Heidi! :) )
7) Sadly, I never/rarely journal anymore, so at least I have some sort of record of things this way.
8) I have tons of fun co-writing He Said, She Said with my hubby. (And maybe someday we'll earn some money that way!)
9) Most days, I actually believe I have something worthwhile to say.
10) I hope that somehow, in some small way I can point people to Jesus.

I'm too chicken to tag anyone, but if you write a post, let me know!



For us, one of the hardest parts of Troy going away is that he often has to "leave" before he's actually gone. Most of the time his trips are because he is speaking or contributing in some other way so that means he has to get material prepared.

So when he is busy with that stuff, I have to remember that in saying "yes" to any trip, I also have said "yes" to the prep time. And while I'd like him to be sitting next to me on the couch, or playing Wii with us, I have to remember that leaving begins a little earlier than I'd like.