Really glad my hubby is home

So I can kick his butt in Wii golf!

Insert evil cackle.


Under construction

I have always had a lot of respect for single parents, whatever the circumstances that got them there. Troy has been been gone most of the week (M-W, F-Sun). Nothing out of the ordinary has happened, no medical emergencies, no car trouble, the floor has not given way and dropped us into the swimming pool below. I've said before that I don't mind a couple of days on my own to recharge my "me".

But this week it has worn a little thin. Last night after church everyone was going off to do fun things, and I have to admit I felt a little sorry for myself as I drove off with the kids. We don't often go out after church mainly because it gets expensive with four of us, plus we live farthest away from church. Normally it's cool because Troy and I spend the evening together. But it definitely wasn't so much fun not having him here last night.

The whole thing about burdens halved and joys multiplied is so true. I still have to finish cleaning up the mess from Friday night home group. And last night in church when Nic was singing his heart out and making up motions to go along with the songs (and also watching himself in the mirror while he did it! ;) ) Troy was not there for me to exchanged amused and also pleased glances with.

Thing is, I know I am both spoiled and blessed. Being church planters means that our time is flexible and I am privileged to have a husband who participates 100% with our kids. Every day he helps Nic with his homework. And I really do not take that for granted.

As Troy's influence and responsibility grow, I have a feeling that I'm going to have to adjust more to having a more normal "social base" where I am holding down the fort. Even thought that is going to require work on my part, and probably a little more growing up, I'm up for it. It's clear that my character needs to develop more. Troy always seems to manage things much better when he's the only one left to do things, like when I have to work at Red Hat.

Dang it, don't you hate it when your spouse's strengths make your own weakness glaringly clear?