I keep hitting home runs

Some very generous friends of ours recently bought us a Wii. I have had a good time watching the kids (all three of them) play. Even though I have made a Mii, I have yet to play on ours (only on our friends') But I am apparently a really good baseball player because I keep showing up in the batting order and hitting home runs. Who would have thought? Also, I wonder if Nintendo thinks we should spell our last name Cadii?

Mr. Cady is gone again until Sunday. It's a cold, haily (is that a word?) windy Friday and the kids and I are hunkered down in the house.

Have a good weekend!


Keep the Home Fires Burning

Troy is in Amsterdam until late Wednesday afternoon, and then he leaves again on Friday afternoon until Sunday. We're all a bit glum here without him; nothing is quite the same without him here.

The kids both stayed home today with sniffles, and Meg had a fever. She's had a runny nose all day. I hope she sleeps well and feels better tomorrow.

I've had a "heavy" head all last week and today it's worse so maybe I'm fighting something too. I can't tell if it's a cold or allergies.

Either way, I'm here, trying to keep the house running without a crucial part of it.

And sneezing on the computer screen.