Journey into Lent

photo courtesy of Kelly

I'm going to use Lent as an opportunity to re-orient my heart and time to Jesus. I'll be back after Easter! May you have a blessed Easter season.


A Few Things

I finally stopped fretting that I had not been posting anything, and as I did some thinking about the state of things, I realized that I need to take a deliberate break from blogging here. Nothing is seriously amiss, just busy times and the conscious desire to step back and re-order.

Since Lent begins this week it seems like the perfect time for a break. I've decided to "fast" reading blogs, writing on this one, and also facebook. People that know me well think I'm slightly crazy and they are probably right, but oh well :)

I'll leave you with a list of update items!
  • Nicolas turned 8 on Thursday!
  • Meaghan will turn 11 on February 23.
  • Troy and I will be in Lisbon from Feb. 26-March 1.
  • After an internet shopping fiasco (DO NOT order from www.STOP4CAMERA.COM, yes I know I was stupid) we finally ordered our Christmas camera (we didn't buy each other any gifts and used all our Christmas money) and will get in when we go to Lisbon. I'm excited to have a working camera again!