Studied Avoidance...and Follow Me

I am studiously avoiding the list of questions that Phil left me. Not forever, but until my brain doesn't feel like mush any more. Until I don't feel like I'm about 100 years old. I hope that happens soon. My knees are creaky, my back is one big knot, I'm sinusy and headaches and at least 3 kilos too heavy for comfort. I'm mourning my38-year-old self. Because apparently 39 is the Year of Deteriorating as quickly as possibly. Wheeeee. We're off to a great start.

In an abrupt about-face, now I will talk about something serious :)

One of the things that Troy and I firmly believe in is that it is our job as parents to grow our kids spiritually. This is not the job of "the church" although the body of Christ of course does have a crucial role. But we don't subscribe to the "they'll-learn-what-they-need-to-know-once-a-week-in-Sunday-
school" way of thinking. We are in a unique situation because right now our kids are the only regular kids at our very young church. Even so, every time we have a service, we do Godly Play with them. Even if it's just me and the two of them.

We are trying to weave Christ into their everyday life as much as possible. Every week-day morning (our weekends are more unstructured) we say morning prayers together from Celtic Daily Prayer. Evenings are also more flexible depending on what we have going, but we often also say evening prayers from the same book. Our community knows that if you are at the Cady home at bed-time, they'll be handed a sheet with the prayers and invited to join in bedtime prayers, hugs and kisses. For me, those evenings are one of the best and most beautiful experiences of church.

For Christmas, we gave Meaghan four books that we use for discipleship in our church. They were developed by the late Robert E. Webber. (We first met Dr. Webber when Troy was in grad school and became Dr. Webber's T.A.) The series is called Journey to Jesus, and the four books are called Follow Me, Be My Disciple, Walk in the Spirit, and Find Your Gift. Every week she reads through the chapter, and meets with her Daddy on the weekends to talk about what she read that week. As she completes each book (and feels ready), we'll celebrate with her with different rites of passage, the Rite of Conversion, The Rite of Covenant, Baptism, and then the beginning of "a long obedience in the same direction." I found it interesting just now that I have been reading Eugene Peterson's book by that same title, and I didn't know that Webber used the same phrase until I got the books out just now.

I think it's pretty amazing that both Meaghan and I are on this journey together, although at different stages, to a long obedience in the same direction.


More than I Bargained For

Our friend Phil, who is a sleep-deprived Dad with a six-week old baby, left me a list of questions on facebook that made my head spin.

Questions like:

Have you ever considered what it will be like moving back to the US permanently? Or will you avoid the entire mess and just stay in Spain for the rest of your natural lives?

What is the longest your hair has ever grown?

What attracts you to God? When you pray, how does God speak to you?

How important, or necessary is your own confidence or positivism to understanding God's plan for you?

When Troy says, "I love you", or"scratch my back", is it the same thing?

Does the internet give you more acquaintances, let you keep in touch with lots of people, or actually build friendships?

Can you answer Nic's questions?

If I asked you for questions to get started on, or at least premises to practice writing fiction on, would you help me out too?
Oy vey! Me and my big mouth! :) Just kidding Phil!

I am too sleepy and brain-dead today to start answering this minute, plus if we don't absolutely go grocery shopping today we may starve.

I'll be back with answers soon!



Since nobody has asked me any reasonable questions (ahem, Nick!) which I really can't blame you for since I have been such a slacker, but I have to write something lest I never get my groove back on...

I'm happy to announce that my hubby got home last night; a day earlier than anticipated. He was apparently very confused about his travel dates. Either way, I was happy to see him!

I still have a monster knot in my left shoulder and neck, so I have become very good friends with my heating pad and some lovely smelling ointment that isn't doing me much good. Oh well.

But the main subject of this clever post is to tell you how much I love my Paul Potts CD, which I got for Christmas. If you haven't heard of him, he is the winner of Britain's Got Talent, capturing the hearts of many with his amazing opera talent. Anyway, I'm not being paid to advertise here, but I do really like his CD, One Chance. I'm not a huge opera freak, but I find this CD very relaxing and soothing. So there you have it, the opinion of one.

If you have never seen it, his audition video is totally worth watching, especially to watch the change in the demeanor of the judges, and the overwhelming response of the audience.

I for one hope he never has to go back to selling car phones!

That is all for today. Whew.


Call to Worship

I walked the dog around the block just now. The day is unseasonably warm for January, the skies a deep cloudless periwinkle. As I rounded the corner, the church bells began to peal. Blue sky and exuberant bells collided in my senses, ringing in my heart that today is a new day, a new beginning. As I watched a faithful few stream thinly towards the church, I was called to worship. I may not worship in that building, at that time, standing next to the woman with a grand-daughter in a matching pink coat on each side of her. But I worship(ed) nevertheless.

My aimless day is re-set. I turn towards home.