Growing Up Is Hard...

Whether you are 11 or 40.

This Advent season has been joyful and peaceful amidst the busyness and perhaps I have grown a bit smug. Over the weekend it became apparent that our 14-year-old car needs some definite work. I have been very aware and challenged to keep Advent despite this looming issue and not to let my heart and thoughts spin out of control with thoughts of money and logistics (I have been driving the car to work 2 days a week, the kids have their Christmas program on Friday, we have to empty out the last of the church stuff on Saturday night, and I have to drive over and pick up a friend's dog since we are watching her for part of their vacation.) And of course my mind assumes the car repairs will be 3 to 4 figures.

Meg has been finding middle school more of a challenge. She has a hard time thinking critically, so learning to study for tests etc. has been hard on her. And hormones are beginning to rear their ugly heads. Not full-blown yet, but they are out there. This morning I "advised" her about hormones and feeling crabby and weepy etc. She was not impressed, especially when she learned that her younger brother will not struggle with the same issues.

We're both working on growing up gracefully.

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