I started my new job as an English -speaking teacher's aide this week. I'm working at two different schools. One is close to home, one is out near where our kids go to school. I've been to both schools now.

Today I was walking home pondering some of the kids who crossed my path this week, especially ones who seem to be a bit out of control. It has been interesting for me to watch the levels of discipline (whether high or low) in the classroom.

I met several children today who are from a subculture in Spain that has a certain reputation. They are often shunned and discriminated against and pigeonholed. They seemed totally disinterested in school in general, and a bit lost in a world of their own creation.

My mind circled around the problems of engaging them when I can only speak to them in English, and at this point their exposure to that has been minimal. I wondered how I can teach them to respect each other, and themselves and me.

I don't know how it will go once I begin interacting with them on a consistent basis. The only thing I know for sure is to pray for them, that somehow I will be able to share the love of the only One who can make them whole.

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