Closet Progress

I am so happy with the way my front closet has shaped up. I unfortunately just plowed into it one afternoon without taking any before photos.

This is the left side of the closet, with great built-in shelves. The top shelf holds things we don't use often: games, toddler toys for visitors, games, our picnic basket etc. The side shelves hold our videos (yes, we still own some and use them!), candles, and my scrapbooking supplies. The Ikea bins on the bottom hold more scrapbooking stuff. I like to keep it here because I most often scrap on our table with Meg or anyone else I can get to scrap with me! We thinned out the coats and keep the kids' current season's coat in this closet and their others in their closet. Troy hung hooks on the inside of the doors for his murses, backpacks etc.

I bought cheap magazine holders at Ikea to store my scrapping paper etc. The boxes hold photos, the wire basket holds candles.

These Ikea bins hold the rest of my scrapbooking stuff. Since it's all together, it's easy to move it to the table and back.

The right side of the closet is my favorite! I also got these organizers at Ikea, and they didn't cost me an arm and a leg. Troy keeps his shoes in this closet, so now they are organized. Everyone has a one of the little drawers for gloves, hat and scarves.

The top right shelf holds the purse or two that I am currently using. Below that is extra bigger bags that I might take if we are going to the park or something, and below that are our canvas shopping bags that we have been trying to be more diligent in using, especially if we are just running to the store down the street.

The two big drawers are our "to return" drawer (usually stuff that gets left at our house) and the umbrella drawer.

With the shoes all up off the floor, the vacuum fits nicely underneath!

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