When I was growing up, we visited my Dad's brother and family in Nova Scotia one summer. My aunt had a package of dried seaweed in the house, and I can remember my Mom sitting in her kitchen munching on seaweed. I thought that was a ridiculous thing to eat as a snack.

Fast forward several (cough) years. Not only do I regularly eat sushi (wrapped, in, um, SEAWEED), in the past 24 hours I devoured this, all by myself, plain, with no rice, no nothing. 80 little strips of flavored Nori. My friend Kristen left it when she moved back to the US recently. I had never heard of flavored seaweed. I hope they don't sell it here, or I'm in trouble.

I'm pretty sure that I could have gotten my Mom addicted to sushi too. And it makes me kind of sad that I'll never have that chance. Mom, sorry I laughed at you for eating seaweed!

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