Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen reasons I am glad it's today...
  1. I like the beginning of a new month; it inspires me. Perhaps my bloggy writing record will improve this month.
  2. It's May now and I like May a lot better than April!
  3. I don't have any responsibilities today other than being with my family (and feeding them, I guess :) )
  4. If it's warm enough I can chill in one of the hammocks.
  5. The dog is beside me on the couch keeping me warm on a surprisingly chilly morning.
  6. My hubby is home! (he won't be all next week.)
  7. I didn't have to walk a dog first thing this morning.
  8. I don't have to answer phones at Red Hat today.
  9. I have a stash of goodies in the freezer.
  10. I can get in the Wii action with my family today.
  11. I heart facebook's new chat feature.
  12. Perhaps I will read a book.
  13. Tomorrow is another day with no responsibility!

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