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My friend Peej (PJ, Patty) and I have been writing together since high school. She is a lot more diligent about it than I am though! Anyway, she tagged me, so what is a girl to do? So without further ado (oh, I'm sure there will be SOME ado along the way!) here are 10 reasons I blog:

1) It gives me a place to verbally roll my eyes. You know how much I love to roll my eyes.
2) I laugh at myself all the time, might as well let you laugh along.
3) Sometimes, a girl's just gotta vent.
4) It's a good way to get built-in accountability. Nothing like opening yourself up to the internets!
5) It keeps me writing, even if it's not scintillating.
6) I have actually made some really good friends in the blogosphere even though I have never met them in real life! (Hi Heidi! :) )
7) Sadly, I never/rarely journal anymore, so at least I have some sort of record of things this way.
8) I have tons of fun co-writing He Said, She Said with my hubby. (And maybe someday we'll earn some money that way!)
9) Most days, I actually believe I have something worthwhile to say.
10) I hope that somehow, in some small way I can point people to Jesus.

I'm too chicken to tag anyone, but if you write a post, let me know!

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