Just What I Needed

After almost 7 straight days of busyness, the past two have been a balm for my soul, especially as I ramp up mentally for 5 more days of Troylessness next week (he's going to a conference Monday through Friday). The kids have been off school (actually the whole week) and yesterday and today are holidays. So there has been lots of lounging on the couch, reading, playing Wii, watching some TV and movies, sleeping in, etc. going on. It has been bliss. I found out that I am pretty good at Wii golf and bowling, but I am a complete failure at tennis. I guess the C I got in tennis class in college was no fluke.

It's truly amazing how being rested helps you face things better. I've got some goals for next week while my hubby is away and will hopefully have some girl time too. The house needs a good cleaning, although I plan on starting on that tomorrow and once again my desk could use some attention. Actually, the big box of filing REALLY needs my attention.

My allergies are starting to kick in, with itchy eyes being the worst. So far I'm surviving with the generic stuff I bought at Sam's club last furlough, but I might have to kick it up a notch to the more expensive stuff I buy here. I find it very disagreeable that one of the most beautiful times of the year makes me fairly miserable, especially if I go outside!

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