I have found my words to be bottled up lately. Sometimes I have them in my head, but they refuse to be translated to either page or computer screen. I think my Lenten fast from reading and writing many words has helped some.

Refraining from reading blogs and facebook did help me break some unhealthy patterns. I find it so easy to just keep blog surfing etc. if I am tired, bored, or just unmotivated to do anything productive. But the blog surfing just makes all those feelings worse I think, because there is an unlimited supply of words out there to read!

Part of my re-entering process has been to start deleting bookmarked blogs. I have been thinking carefully about who and what I read, but mainly the reasons that I read them. There are plenty of interesting and entertaining blogs out there. But am I reading them because I am nosy, because I want to be included in something, etc? I have been paring down my list of regular reads to those of people I actually KNOW in real life and love, or blogs that teach me/challenge me/help me either spiritually, in my homemaking, or some other area.

I'm hoping that the more I value words in general, the more they will mean to me as well.

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