It's Tomorrow, My Love

It's already tomorrow
and down the hall
I can hear you breathing peacefully.
Freed earlier than I
from the grip of the coffee
we should not have had after dinner.

The minutes ticks over
and I listen to the plastic
covering the plants upstairs
flap in the wind
wondering who on earth is leaning
on their horn
at this hour.

One more Texas car chase,
another mother shot her children
more government officials
doing things they shouldn't.
My thoughts wander to worry
as they often do when sleepless.
Random worries though, of addresses
not updated on driving licenses,
etc. etc.

From down the hall,
Your peace silently beckons,
the knowledge that as sure
as I will ease carefully over
to my side in the dark,
tomorrow will be a hope-filled day
with you,
burdens halved
joys multiplied.

It's already tomorrow, love.
And I'm coming to bed now.

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