More than I Bargained For

Our friend Phil, who is a sleep-deprived Dad with a six-week old baby, left me a list of questions on facebook that made my head spin.

Questions like:

Have you ever considered what it will be like moving back to the US permanently? Or will you avoid the entire mess and just stay in Spain for the rest of your natural lives?

What is the longest your hair has ever grown?

What attracts you to God? When you pray, how does God speak to you?

How important, or necessary is your own confidence or positivism to understanding God's plan for you?

When Troy says, "I love you", or"scratch my back", is it the same thing?

Does the internet give you more acquaintances, let you keep in touch with lots of people, or actually build friendships?

Can you answer Nic's questions?

If I asked you for questions to get started on, or at least premises to practice writing fiction on, would you help me out too?
Oy vey! Me and my big mouth! :) Just kidding Phil!

I am too sleepy and brain-dead today to start answering this minute, plus if we don't absolutely go grocery shopping today we may starve.

I'll be back with answers soon!

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