Since nobody has asked me any reasonable questions (ahem, Nick!) which I really can't blame you for since I have been such a slacker, but I have to write something lest I never get my groove back on...

I'm happy to announce that my hubby got home last night; a day earlier than anticipated. He was apparently very confused about his travel dates. Either way, I was happy to see him!

I still have a monster knot in my left shoulder and neck, so I have become very good friends with my heating pad and some lovely smelling ointment that isn't doing me much good. Oh well.

But the main subject of this clever post is to tell you how much I love my Paul Potts CD, which I got for Christmas. If you haven't heard of him, he is the winner of Britain's Got Talent, capturing the hearts of many with his amazing opera talent. Anyway, I'm not being paid to advertise here, but I do really like his CD, One Chance. I'm not a huge opera freak, but I find this CD very relaxing and soothing. So there you have it, the opinion of one.

If you have never seen it, his audition video is totally worth watching, especially to watch the change in the demeanor of the judges, and the overwhelming response of the audience.

I for one hope he never has to go back to selling car phones!

That is all for today. Whew.

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