It's the Simple Things

My favorite grocery store in Spain is Mercadona. When we lived in the suburbs I always shopped there. But when we moved into the city there wasn't one that was convenient, and they wouldn't deliver to my area. So I started shopping somewhere else.

Today I got online to do a grocery order because I didn't really have the time or energy to go to the store. On a whim, I decided to check one more time to see if they had expanded their delivery area.

They have!!! I am so excited. Of course I was less excited after filling out my order (which took a good amount of time) only to find out they can't bring my food until next Tuesday! Yikes. Clearly I can't wait that long, and after finding out that my usual store can't deliver until Friday either, and that my Bible Study is cancelled for tomorrow afternoon, I'll be headed to the store tomorrow.

But! I am still planning on ordering from Mercadona. I just need to plan ahead a little. But I know we'll save money because their prices are great. Plus online shopping cuts down on any impulse shopping!


He Said, She Said

You might have noticed the little button to the left that says "He Said, She Said". It's a new blog that Troy and I are writing together. When you have a minute, stop by and check it out. I'd love to hear what you think!

There is even a button in the right sidebar if you feel like linking to us :)

Also, a warning, I feel some blog template tinkering coming on, so brace yourselves!


Church Bells

It's Sunday morning, the tree is lit up and the church bells at the church one street over are ringing. I love those church bells.

I have lots of things I want to do today so this will just be a quick post to say I survived my work week. I worked 34 1/2 hours. The first day I was a bit overwhelmed by the whole idea, but it got steadily better. The job itself is low stress, which is exactly what I need. And the paycheck is in euro, which is another thing I need :)

Everything here at home has been become more precious. Even walking the dog around the block is a quiet moment to enjoy.

I am not working this week, and the kids have Thursday and Friday off so it will be a good week together.

Happy Advent everyone. More soon.