God's Timing

I have had a classified ad in one of the local English magazines for over a year about scrapbooking. Last year, my friend Lisa and I would get together almost every Friday to scrap, and although we were hoping to get a bigger group going, it ended up being just the two of us. We had a lot of fun anyway! But then she moved back to the US during the summer and I honestly haven't done anything since then. It's just more fun with friends.

Anyway, recently I have been thinking about taking the ad out so that I could do other things with my Fridays (I have been keeping those days clear just in case.) I figured that if I need to get a job anyway I need to clear my schedule some.

On the way home from walking the kids to school yesterday morning, I figured today would be as good as any other to try and get the ad removed. When I got home I was distracted by other stuff.

Later, Troy and I were praying together, and my mobile rang. Since it was our day off, I checked the number (in case it was the school or whatever) and on a whim, answered, although I didn't recognize the number.

It was D, a woman who moved her in the summer and saw my ad. And she knew more ladies who are interested!

This morning D and her adorable daughter came over and we shared a cup of tea. I'm excited to have some ladies to scrap with again!

God does have good timing....



It's our day off today. Earlier, we decided to spend some time doing some brainstorming and fleshing out some of our writing ideas.

Those of you who know Troy well know what is coming next.

"I'll get the post-its."

"I am NOT using post-its."

"But I think better that way."

"Fine, YOU use post-its."

Seriously. I should have invested in 3-M YEARS ago.


Life Lessons

Our kids are in an international (read non-religious) school, so there is all manner of behavior that goes on. We are doing our best to teach our kids to treat others respectfully even when kids are behaving inappropriately. I've talked to them a lot about the difference between rejecting the person and rejecting their actions. For instance, if a kid tends to be a bully, I encourage them not to label them "a bully", but to try and figure out why they might be acting that way, and perhaps think of ways they can help that child act differently. Either way, they know that they are never ever to treat others unkindly, no matter what. We've talked about the fact that many people in life will not act nicely, but because we follow Jesus, we will not respond the same way.

Today as we left school, Nic said goodbye to one of his classmates who was sitting on the school-bus. The little boy (who is around 7 probably) responded by sticking his tongue out and raising his middle finger. Nice! I wanted to climb on the bus and give that little boy a piece of my mind. Thankfully, both my kids are blissfully unaware of what the second gesture means.

It has been interesting because Nic has gotten quite protective of his big sister, and he gets very concerned if anyone is teasing or bothering Meg. He considers it his duty to intervene.

Anyway, I took the opportunity to have another conversation with them about treating others with respect; reacting differently because that's what Jesus wants us to do. And even though I'm less than thrilled that 7-year-olds are giving my son the finger, I am grateful that my kids are learning to show the love and compassion of Jesus to others from an early age.


Creative Juices

Troy and I haven't had many dates lately (unless you count the trip to buy the new washing machine!) because date money is always the first thing that gets cut from the budget. So today we threw caution to the wind, took our 3 euro VIPS coupon and went to lunch.

Over our menu del dia we got talking about some writing projects that we could work on together that might generate some income. If we need to supplement our income we'd rather do it from home if possible.

Anyway, our creative juices woke up and we had fun brainstorming some ideas. We'll let you know if we get rich :)


Routines Old and New

It's about 7:15 in the morning. I vaguely here Meg's door creak open, and then Nic's.

Sleepily, I pull back the duvet so Meg can slide in beside me on my left, tucking the covers back over both of us. Then I lift the covers to my right and feel Nic's steps imprinting the bed as Troy sets him down somewhere near my feet. Nic wiggles noisily in beside me and we pile cozily together for the next 10 minutes while Troy showers and shaves. Cuddles and kisses and giggles, the best way to wake.

Later, on the way back from walking the kids to school, I solidify a new Monday morning routine now that Troy has Spanish class. Instead of crossing at my usual stoplight, I turn right and walk upstream against the general flow of people. I stop at the corner and pick up 2 of the free newspapers they hand out at the metro entrance.

Once home, I peruse the news and finish my now-cold coffee.

Then I get on with my day.

Routine. Satisfying.