Because That's What Family Does

Earlier this afternoon the nice washing repair guy was in my house for about 5 minutes to tell me it would cost about 290 to repair my washer and that he recommended that we just buy a new one. I had to pay him 45 euro for that advice. But he was very nice about it.

So as soon as Victoria walked in (she had called earlier to say she was coming over to do some homework and then watch some TV with us) we "asked" (read told) her that we were leaving her with kids and dog for a little while so we could go out and bite the bullet and buy a new washer. Thankfully today was payday and there was no sense waiting until we had no clean clothes left.

It took us a little while to get out there, decide on the damages, pick up some treats (frozen mini-pizzas, ice cream bars and Coke, all paid for with a coupon :) ) for dinner. On the way home Troy remarked that he felt guilty for ditching Victoria to babysit when she had come to hang out. I told him "That's what family does."

When we got home we thanked her again and I told her that Troy had been feeling guilty.

She said, "You know when your friends invite you to go out, but all you really want to do is stay home with your family? That's why I came over tonight."

Enough said. Family.


Counting My Blessings

Even though this has been a crummy month in many ways, for us as well as a lot of others on our team and in our church) I am determined to be grateful for my many blessings despite the struggle. So in celebration of today, here are 10 things I am grateful for right now.

  1. That I got one more load of laundry done (i.e. school clothes for tomorrow) before the washer freaked out completely.
  2. That my children get a hearty, well-balanced meal at school at lunch so I don't have to fuss at supper time, especially when Troy is out :)
  3. Knowing that our friend Heide is coming to visit us soon, my Dad in December, and Katie and Jo, friends who moved away, in December.
  4. God's provision and encouragement, in His own, perfect time.
  5. My friend Mary.
  6. My Oasis Madrid team-mates.
  7. That payday is only 3 days away :)
  8. People who tell me that me requesting to be their friend on facebook is a "nice surprise."
  9. Encouraging emails that have been trickling in all day.
  10. Warm enough weather that we haven't had to turn on the heat yet.


Random Kind of Day

This morning on the metro I saw the most random behavior yet. There was a yuppie kind of guy sitting across from me, in his suit, doing a some sort of puzzle in the newspaper. All of the sudden, he reached in his inside jacket suit pocket and pulled out a full-size bottle of some blue mouthwash (I think it was Listerine) took a swig, and started swishing. At the next stop, he stood up, and spit (I'm not sure how good his aim was) in between the car and the platform when the doors opened. Then he went and sat down a few seats down the car. I was totally giggling to myself. When I got off at my stop, and was walking past the door near him, he spit out the door AGAIN, and I'm pretty sure he just let it hit the platform. I was very tempted to turn around and look because seriously? He was acting like he had been DRINKING the mouthwash. (I did that once when I was a kid because I liked the way the mouthwash tasted so my parents called poison control.)

In other random news, our washer seems to have a pocket full of change rattling around in between the drum and the outer casing so it's making a horrific noise. Apparently God is going to use our washer to provide for us one euro at a time. If we can get them out. We spent most of the morning taking things apart, putting them back together, tipping the washer this way and that. And the Crulls got locked out of their apartment today.

Yeah, random Monday. What is UP with that?