Peaceful Friday Afternoon

At least, it was meant to be.

Troy and I walked to school this afternoon to pick up Nicolas and make a backpack trade with Meg (she is spending the night at her friend Elisa's house tonight.)

I had in mind a peaceful Friday afternoon, full of relaxation, family time, a movie with Nic, popcorn, and that sort of thing.

But instead of too much peace, there has been underlying fret. We're still eating popcorn and watching Cars, but we're not relaxed.

It's a combination of things: worry about finances, busyness, whatever. But you know what? I think what has us overwhelmed today is responsibility. We have so many they seem endless. We have a responsibility to our kids, to provide for them and give them a secure home to grow up in. We have a responsibility to our supporters to use their money wisely. We have a responsibility to our mission to do our job. We have a responsibility to our team, to lead them well. We have a responsibility to our church, to provide them with a thriving church environment for them. We have a responsibility to each other, to share joys and burdens alike.

And of course, our most important responsibility is to God, to love Him with our whole mind, heart and soul. When He loves us so much, it seems like this responsibility should be easy. Yet we struggle to trust, to believe He knows what He is doing, to hold tightly to the knowledge that He does not leave us. Ever.

I have a feeling that if I just concentrate the most on that responsibility, that my Friday afternoon will be a little more peaceful.


Lexi Meets Her Match

This past weekend, we took care of Plank the one-eyed Pug. She's a funny little dog who spends a great deal of time snorting, sleeping, playing with toilet paper rolls, and unfortunately, walking into doors and walls (which is why she only has one eye.) Thankfully we managed to avoid any further injuries.

The kids, of course, were thrilled to have Plank in the house, and spent the whole time crooning to her in the voices they reserve for small children and all animals.

Plank and Lexi get along well, although Lexi is starting to show her age. She would play for awhile, and then retreat to the back edge of the couch cushions and gaze askance at Plank, who was usually peering over the edge of the couch, asking for more play time. Lexi would look at me like "Who IS this one-eyed creature, and does it never get tired?" Eventually both of them would fall asleep, Plank snoring like the missing link between pig and dog, and Lexi whimpering and chasing something in her dreams.

A fine pair indeed.


Right Place, Right Time

Nic's speech therapy has cost us more than just the therapy, because we often end up spending money while we kill the hour that he is working with Miss Julie. Sometimes at Starbucks, sometimes at VIPS.

Last week, I was determined to make it a cheap hour. I took a bottle of water and a book with me. After I took care of some banking, I headed back down the street. I was on the opposite side of the street than I normally walked on, but I found an empty bench and sat down to read my book.

Not much later, a weary looking couple trudged up and plunked down on the bench beside me. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the woman tap her husband and ask for something. He was leaning over in a dejected fashion.

The woman turned to me and asked me hesitantly, "Do you speak English?" When I answered her, the relief on her face was beaming.

Turns out they were Irish, on holiday in Madrid and they were trying to figure out how to get back to their hotel. According to them, they didn't speak a word of Spanish. We had a nice little chat and I pointed them back in the direction of their hotel.

Maybe I'm naive, but I think God put me on that bench for a reason. I think He knew that couple was tired and deflated and brightened their day by putting little ole English speaking me smack dab on their bench.

He's pretty cool that way.



"Marcel Marceau died."

"That leaves me speechless."

Welcome to my world. And sorry Marcel, that we were irreverent.