We're Outta Here

We weren't quite sure if our plan to go to Lisbon was going to work out, but we are all systems go, and tomorrow morning we'll head for the west coast of Europe and the beach. We're very grateful to be able to stay in the home of some fellow CAI missionaries who are on furlough. And also to Jonathan the wonder boy for staying with the dog. So yes, it's OK to say I'm going on vacation because the house will be safe :)

Today was a bit of a blur as we got into gear getting everything ready to go. I think we're mostly ready; even got some muffins made to take with us and leave for wonder boy. We won't be in a huge rush in the morning since we'll wait for the traffic to die down a bit. I don't believe in starting a vacation at the crack of dawn! We do want to get over this bridge by 4 pm Lisbon time so we don't get caught in the crazy traffic.

I'm not sure how much I'll be on for the next couple of weeks (one week in Lisbon, another of vacation here at home) but I'll be back. And how knows, maybe I'll be so relaxed I'll have creativity just flowing out of my little brain.