I should have known it was Friday the 13th!

On Monday, we are starting two weeks vacation and I don't have anything to read. This is not acceptable for vacation. Never mind that I will probably have to budget 1 book per day to keep me happy. Vacation is not right if I don't have my nose is a book.

So yesterday, I decided that I would head to the used English book store (can I just say one more time how much I miss the library??) to see what I could pick up. I was having lunch with my friend Karen, so I figured I was already half-way there, and without children.

It was about 93 degrees, but bearable in the shade (Madrid is all about dry heat, stay out of the sun and you'll do much better). I got on the bus and meandered my way to the bookstore. I ended up getting off sooner than I needed to. It's always such a joy to watch the bus you just got off catch up with you and follow the exact route you intend on walking.

Upon arrival at said book-shop (with which I have not had a smooth relationship!) I opened the door only to be greeted with a cheery "We're not open right now. Just doing a quick clean-up after blahbity blah blah blah. Maybe in say, 1 1/2 to 2 hours."

Yeah right. I have that much time to just sit around and wait for you to re-open.

I decided I would hop back on the bus and head to another used bookstore. Remember, it's in the 90's.

When I got there, it (although usually open all day) was closed from 3-5 for summer hours. It was 3:20. Of course.


I think the heat melted my brain

Not sure why, it's not bad in our apartment, even though it has been fairly hot this week. Ask me on Friday when it's supposed to be 97 and we'll see if I'm telling the same story.

No, it's just that it seems that days keep slipping by and I have nothing witty or clever or earth-shattering to say.

I hope you are getting those things elsewhere so I don't have to feel responsible :)


A plea to Spanish drivers

When you park someone in on my street, as you so very often do, please, PLEASE, PLEASE pay attention so that when you hear someone laying on their horn, intermittently, then steadily, for say MANY MANY minutes, you might realize, "I need to move my car!"

Thank you. We now return to our regularly scheduled peace and quiet.