And then there was pie

Last week on Monday and Tuesday I started doing the no carbs thing. I was prepared for all sorts of withdrawal and having to chain myself to the wall to keep away from mashed potatoes. Surprisingly, I felt really good, had lots of energy and very few withdrawal pangs.

Then on Wednesday, I got the cold. Which does not go well with no carbs. Because when I am sick, I eat cinnamon toast. It's the standard Grant sick/comfort/Sunday night supper food. So I threw out the no-carbs until I felt better. Then I felt better, and then there was just something every day that kept me from doing it again.

Today was the day. I was on track. I had coffee. And then when we got home from watching Nic be a little pig in his assembly this morning, I had some scrambled eggs. Perfect.

And then Victoria showed up with apple pie that she made yesterday. From her grandmother's recipe.

There is always tomorrow.


On the mend

So the cold I caught kind of wiped me out for the rest of the week. So much so that we didn't even get to go see Pirates 3 as planned on Friday night :( I was bummed about that but I just didn't have the energy.

Our building pool opened over the weekend so thus begins the daily conversation with the kids about whether we are going down to the pool, etc. It's nice to have the pool, but it can also drive us a little nuts with the constant negotiations for swim time with the little dictators in the house :) (I am thankful at least that the pool is heated so it's not like jumping into ice water.)

The kids only have a few weeks of school left; they finish on the 22nd. After that I need to try and get in somewhat of a summer routine so we don't have too much squabbling or complaints of boredom. Hopefully we can find a middle ground!

I'm still trying to find a good balance of allergy meds too. I have a good one with decongestant that works during the day, but it makes me jittery if I take it at night. Oh the drama! :)