Sick Day

The last couple of days I have been freezing most of the time even though the weather has been warming up. Last night I figured out why; in the middle of the night I woke up with a cold, just like that.

So today, I did what I have not done in a long time; I took a sick day. The work I did get done, I did from bed.

Tonight I have community group, but hopefully I'll be OK since I've rested all day.

Boy, again I have noticed Meg and her budding hormones. This morning she was moody and said things like "I don't know how to be nice" (to her brother). This afternoon after school she was sweetness and light and offered to help him with his homework. Yikes!

I finally booked our tickets to our annual staff conference in August. The conference itself is in Hungary, but we'll fly to Vienna. How I would love to go to Salzburg too, but oh well :)


Bed-time Prayers

In our house, anybody who is around at bed-time automatically gets included in bed-time prayers. We do, however, pay them the courtesy of asking if they would like to. But it's kinda hard to say no to the cutest 10-year-old and 7-year-old around :)

Each night, someone gets to decide the praying order, and then off we go. More and more the kids will throw in something that I don't expect. With Meg it's often something from her day that she noticed.

Tonight while we (and Chris!) were praying, Meg prayed for Warren's leg to feel better. She and I stopped by their flat on the way to the dentist earlier this evening so Meg could meet Plank, Warren and Karen's pug puppy. She was concerned about Warren's heavily bandaged knee (he hurt it playing football/soccer on Sunday.) So of course, she talked to God about it.

In other random news (I think I need that for a label, no?) I was wondering what was taking Meg SOOO long in the dentist. Well, she came out with bottom braces on too! We didn't know that was going to happen today :) But she took it in stride. She's growing up! This past weekend she went out to the town where she used to go to school to spend the weekend with her best girlfriend. She was amazingly casual about the whole thing!

I'm sure I could bore you with some other random details of my life, but that's all for now!