I haven't been tagged in awhile, but my friend madridmom tagged me for the "8-things-about-me" thingamajigger. I'm not sure my feeble brain is up to it, because it's Thursday (our day off) and I have been in my flannel jammies (yes, I know it's May, but it's rainy and cold in Madrid) and my brain is officially turned off. But I'll try, I will.

“Rules:” After posting these rules, each player proceeds to list 8 relatively random facts/habits about himself/herself. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, leaving them a comment on their blogs to let them know.

Whew, strict rules. :) Since I am generally a conformist, I will obey.
  1. Unlike madridmom's #1, one of my best childhood memories is playing tag at night in a big field on the mission base where my family and I lived in Shell, Ecuador. The field was lit with big floodlights; springy with jungle grass and usually wet from the rain. We would take off our and run, run, run. It felt like flying, like no one could catch me.
  2. I'm a gadget geek, having inherited the Grant Gadget Genes. I have more gadgets than my husband, and if I should die, he would be lost without my gadget genes.
  3. I love taking the bus. We use mainly public transportation in Madrid, and even if it takes longer, if I can take a bus instead of the metro, I will.
  4. I love Christmas/Thanksgiving leftovers. My favorite is a cold turkey, butter, cranberry, stuffing and salt and pepper sandwich.
  5. My Dad and I used to sing duets for "special music" in churches when we were on furlough during my growing up years.
  6. I own a Gemeinhardt open hole flute that I have not really played since high school graduation.
  7. I'm a wannabee blog designer. Sometimes I think about getting serious about it, but for now I just have enough knowledge to mess with my own blog. And honestly, I think I mostly have no idea about the technical stuff!
  8. I'm a homebody. More than anything, I love hanging out with friends and family in my home.
Now, for the tags...
Troy, K, Amy, Toria, Kelly, Lisa, Eprise, Al.


Works for Me Wednesday - Computer Post-Its

I don't know about you, but I need to have things visible to help me remember them. Awhile ago, someone told me about these nifty little post-it notes for your computer screen! They are amazing and absolutely free! I use them to list all manner of things, but my newest use for them (and the one I like the best!) is for jotting down prayer requests. I am really bad about remembering everything I am supposed to be praying about, so this week I started putting the requests on a post-it as soon as they came to my attention.

If you are interested, you can head on over to get them here.