I Shoulda Paced Myself

After last Saturday's burst of P31, I have reverted to a slug-like state today. I don't know what my problem is, I got to sleep in today. But I'm just not motivated to do much of anything today! I was a good girl and went to the store for the hospitality supplies for church tomorrow, but that was the one and only burst of energy I've had. I have to drive across town later today to get Kelly's Ikea purchases out of the car, or we won't fit the kids in tomorrow!


The writing on the blog

Click on photos for closer view.

So what does YOUR handwriting look like?


Works for Me Wednesday

So this week I actually came up with a meal plan and wrote it on the white board on the fridge, (I didn't post it because really, it's sad to actually write "eggs and toast" under MENU PLAN) so it's easy for me to see, as well as my hubby, who always wants to know what's for dinner. It worked out even better than I expected, because when I woke from my nap (I usually have a rest at least before group since I'm out until 11 or later) I could smell french toast and bacon! I came out to the kitchen and my husband told me he was just following orders! :)

Troy leads a community group on Tuesday nights and I lead one Wednesday, and neither one of them are in our home, so I know I'm on deck for solo parenting on Tuesday, and he on Wednesday. It's works well for us and helps both of us go to group in a sane state of mind (as much as that can happen for either of us!) Whoever has group out also has to take the dog for her last walk before we leave.

It works for us!



Every spring, Nic's allergies and asthma kick in. In addition to using his inhalers, we usually run a vaporizer in his room at night to keep him from getting too wheezy. Madrid is so dry that it just seems to help him breathe better.

The thing is, even if you fill the tank to the very tippy-top, it only runs for 8 hours before it runs out of water, dries up and starts shrieking. Eight hours, for crying out loud! My kids have slept 11-12 hours a night since they were 5 months old. For that matter, their mother is in bed definitely more than 8 hours a night!


Wrinkles included at no extra charge

While we were in Lisbon a few weeks ago, our good friend Ro took a bunch of photos of us. He is an excellent photographer, so I somehow had the naive assumption that I would somehow come out looking like a movie star, or at the very least, nicely air-brushed.

Oy! I normally consider myself to be fairly self-aware, but seriously, I had NO idea how many "crow's feet" I had around my eyes. I knew about the grey hairs and the extra pounds, but I honestly had no clue how wrinkly my eyes had gotten! Apparently I don't smile at myself enough in the mirror! When I mentioned the wrinkles to Ro, he said "You don't really have those; I added them in with a special filter. No extra charge!" Yeah, right.
So how many of you smile at yourself in the mirror?