I'm done, really, I am

If you stopped by last week, you might have found my blog in various stages of disarray/whiteness/bad color combinations. I don't know why I can't just leave well enough alone. Oh well! Maybe I'll just plan on changing my header and colors once a month. If Dooce can change her banner every month and get away with it, so can I! :)

So as you can see, I'm on a red kick right now. Troy and I recently re-painted our bedroom red, and I love it. I'll get a photo up eventually.

This past weekend was one of those non-stop crazy busy weekends that meant not a minute to myself. Ugh! I need a vacation to recover from my weekend.

I'm still working my way through (slowly) the huge list of blogs from the blog party, and trying to de-lurk and comment on blogs I have been reading. So if you're stopping by because of a comment I left you, "Hi!"


Messing Around

I am always tempted to rearrange my blog. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I never re-arrange my furniture. Sometimes I think about paying to get a personalized blog design done, but then I worry that I will get tired of it. And then where would I be?

My problem is that I have learned enough to mess with stuff, so now I can change colors, headers etc. But I don't know THAT much. And I have to say I really like the whole widget thing, so I am loathe to go back to use a blogger template that doesn't support them. I really like the fact that on Wordpress you can actually have more than one page to your blog. But you can't mess with things much.

One day I thought I would just learn some basic html and design my own. Yeah right. I took a look at the code that goes into a design and gave up on that idea.

Maybe I should just re-arrange my furniture and be done with it!


Hold the Milk

Back in January, I read this article about how drinking milk in your tea cancels out the health benefits that come from drinking tea.

May I just say....


I have lots of British friends, and most of them love to lace their tea with milk. I think tea with milk is just plain gross (imho) but now I have scientific evidence to prove I'm right! Hee hee.

Mmmmmm, there is nothing like a cup of PG Tips with some good Scottish shortbread. Yummy!

In other news, I am a happy girl because I took the annoying non-working external hard-drive back to the store and they very nicely gave me store credit even though I was way past the return date. AND I bought a cheaper one with the credit, so now I have some spare credit to buy a new electric mixer (or at least part of one) once they are back in stock.


Nic News

We got Nic's assessment report back today. He does not have any learning disabilities; he just needs some language and speech therapy. Well, "just" but it isn't going to be cheap! So the next hurdle will be getting that set up. He'll probably have to go through another evaluation with the speech therapist, and need sessions probably twice a week (to the tune of 25 euro per 1/2 hour session, so the money is going to be a big challenge!) I'm freaking out a little bit right now about the money, but trusting God that He'll provide for that too.

I'm grateful through all this that Nic's character is good. The woman who did his assessment said he was "encantador" (charming, enchanting :) ). And one of the girls in Nic's class described him as "the kindest boy in class" to her mother. So he's on the right track!

Keep us in your prayers as we navigate this.


The hormones are coming!

When I picked up the kids from school on Friday, Meg was in a bit of a funk. There is a boy in her class who tends to get under her skin, and he had hurt her feelings in choir. My girl is usually pretty resilient, but on Friday, it made her cry. She was also sad because they sang a song in French that she had sung last year at her old school.

"I miss Ana Maria" she told me. Ana Maria was her best friend at her old school

Later, more of the story came out. We found out that her best friends Silvia and Elisa sat with her in choir while she was upset to help her feel better. I told her not to worry about most of the things boys tease about.

A few weeks ago, we had "the talk" with her. We gave her this book
We also went through another older book (like from the 70's) that was recommended to us on "where babies come from."

I think we picked a good age to have this conversation. We gave her both books and I know she has been going through them at her leisure. Early Saturday and Sunday mornings tend to be her private time. But from little comments she has made I know she has been perusing.

Anyway, it'll be frightening interesting to see when and how the hormones come rushing in!