Blog Party!

I'm trying to lighten up my design a bit for spring since it's 66 degrees in Madrid today! It's kinda pink for me, but I was thinking about tulips!

I decided to join in the fun of the blog party being hosted over at www.5minutesformom.com
It's truly amazing to me how you can build community with people you have never even met! I'm looking forward to meeting some new people. Even though I'm not technically not a work at home Mom since we are church planting, I know I will enjoy the community.

So if you are stopping by for the first time, my husband and I are planting a church in Madrid Spain, where we have lived for the past five years. We have two kids; Meaghan is 10, Nicolas is 7. I enjoy writing, and am hoping that one of these days maybe it will provide some income!

Anyway, this post will be at the top until the end of the week, so scroll down for other posts!


Reasons My Husband is Insane

  • He is writing a "reaction" to something he read. He is on page 17. He enjoys this.
  • He often writes these kinds of things on our DAY OFF.
  • He read Aquinas for a little light bed-time reading.
  • Even though he does this, he watches Lost with me.

Anybody else wanna add to the list????

(I'm allowed to write this post, he laughed when I said I was going to. So there!)


Pruning at the hand of the good Gardener

This morning it was beautiful outside, so I did some pruning of the ivy that grows up over our balcony. Nic and I both get bad allergies in the spring, so I want to keep it contained and not growing helter-skelter all over the balcony. Nic came out to help me, wielding the broom and sweeping up behind me as I pruned. At one point he stood watching me cut off lots of beautiful fresh green leaves.

"You're cutting too much, Mom."

Sometimes I feel like that in my conversations with God. "You're cutting too much."

This morning as I crouched on the dusty balcony, the Gardener reminded me gently, watering can in hand, that even new growth needs to be shaped and guided. Otherwise I too may grow helter-skelter, and be this
instead of this