Worry is not a family heirloom

I come from a long line of worriers. It's hiding somewhere in my genes, and I can already see that Meaghan has inherited the same genes. Over the past few years I have gotten a lot better at turning my worry over to God.

Sometimes though, I have relapses. Granted, usually it's only about the really big things, like the last school payment we have to make this spring, the huge unexpected gas bill, our next health insurance payment, Nic's schooling etc. Still, it's not a lifestyle I want to cultivate. I know that my tendency to shift into "fix-it" mode is not going to do me any good. God does not need me to help Him out; He is perfectly able to meet all my needs.

And yet, I don't just want to sit here like a lump and not be responsible with my own life. Even though God doesn't require my assistance, I don't believe I can just sit here and ask Him to drop everything in my lap.

I guess it all comes down to balance. Yes, I need to make sure I am handling my finances well, but no, I don't have to figure out where provision will come from. I have learned that God often supplies from the most unexpected places. I tend to think "I should go out and get a job" or "Where can I get this money from?"

I'm so fickle to worry about money when God clearly and miraculously provided for us this past fall.

Any of you chronic worriers?


Back in the saddle

For the first time in weeks I made it to the gym three times this week. Finally! I actually woke up with a killer headache this morning, but knew that if I went to the gym I would actually feel better, and I was glad I went. Next week will be a challenge again with the kids off school from Mon-Wed for mid-term break, but I am determined to be consistent.

The weather is crazy here right now! It's supposed to be 61 here today, and it's a gorgeous day with blue skies. I'm afraid what we're going to get hit with in March!

Nic is at the zoo today with his class, so he should have a great day. And they will both get one-on-one time with Grandpa this weekend shopping for their birthday presents, so they will enjoy that as well.

I cannot believe that Meg turns 10 next Friday. I don't know if I'm up for double digits!


My computer's back but now I don't know what to say

I guess I'm out of practice. Eventually, I'll think of something!