Glorious Day

It's not that the day has been spectacular (it's only starting) but it's glorious out. After a rainy day yesterday, we woke to crisp blue skies and invigorating winds :) Always good to have the cobwebs blown out of your head!

Nothing earth-shattering to report. I will hopefully have my computer back early next week. Troy is in Lisbon right now, so I have unlimited access to his, which makes it a bit easier to get my work done. And hopefully when I get my laptop back I will be a wiser woman!

Grandpa Ken and Grandma Esly will be in and out over the next couple of weeks, so the kids are on cloud 9 about that. Tomorrow they get to see Grandpa and Daddy comes home as well, so it's going to be a happy day!

I woke up thirsty in the night, and was somehow struck with gratitude that I could get up, have ice cold water from the fridge and then crawl back into my toasty bed (where my Meggie was doing a stand-up job warming me up :) ) and listen to the pouring rain. It was sobering though, to think of the homeless people that we have made friends with. I prayed that somewhere, they were warm and dry.

Today I need to get a newsletter out and get this house in order!

Hopefully, the next time I will post from my own computer!