So Tired

Oh. My. Goodness. It's 9:16 pm and I am about to get in bed. Today has been a marathon. I still have work I should have done today, but it's going to have to wait until tomorrow! Here's what my day looked like:

  • Get kids off to school
  • Work on cleaning dust-bunnies out of hall, clean bathroom, get Meg's room ready for guest, sweep and mop kitchen
  • Prepare materials for meeting with Amy
  • Work on legalization paperwork for church
  • Go to Holy Spirit House, have meeting with Amy
  • Go straight from that meeting to school to pick up kids
  • Take kids home, welcome guest (new student that just arrived in Madrid), gulp quick cup of tea
  • Take Meg to the orthodontist
  • Stop at the store on the way home to pick up ingredients for supper
  • Make dinner
  • Eat dinner, get kids in bed
  • Put pe uniforms in the wash for tomorrow
  • Help Troy clear up dinner, make coffee for tomorrow
I had lots of ambition of getting more stuff done tonight, but despite the 4 loads of unfolded laundry (about two American size loads) staring at me from the various corners of the room, I am going to bed.

Tomorrow morning I can't go to the gym because I have to take Nic for his assessment. So I will take my laptop and take a brisk walk to Starbucks while I'm waiting for him to be done and try and power out some work there.

I am going to Amsterdam early on Thursday morning (4:00 am shuttle pick-up time!) for Deela's memorial service as well as some face time with Elizabeth, my spiritual director. Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow to fold that laundry and pack!



I have bad posture. I am become more aware of it since I started going to the gym regularly. I tend to slouch so that my lower back is concave. My little tyrannical Russian trainer is always telling me that I need to have a "sunken belly button" to get get rid of the "hole in my back". Today I consciously tried to improve my posture while walking around and sitting. I've tried to keep my shoulders back and relaxed but my back straight, without my belly dragging my lower back forward. It's hard! But I hope that with practice and some exercises to strengthen my back muscles, it'll become easier.

I realize too, that sometimes I have bad emotional/physical posture. This morning the "caldera" (boiler thingy that heats water for our heat and well, hot water) started acting weird. I really hate it when things don't work right. I get annoyed. So I was all bent out of shape over this boiler. I decided to sit down for some quiet moments.

Who says God doesn't have a sense of humor? I was all frazzled and uptight, and this is part of what I read in Daniel:

"Because the king was in such a hurry and the furnace was so hot..." Yeah right. I was in a big hurry, but my furnace was anything but hot!

Anyway, this week my goal is, as one of my husband's deep thoughts read, "Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things." Yeah, mainly the first part!

And oh yeah, you should be careful in a fit of cleaning/organizing that you don't throw the wrong pair of sweatpants in the trash so that when your daughters asks in the morning you don't have to hope they didn't get too coated with coffee grounds!



A new world home order is now in place. Whew! I have to say I am ready for the holiday season to be over and to have normal life and routine to begin again. Although I know that I will not be so ready when the alarm clock goes off in the morning!!

Today was a gearing up kind of day, but worshipful for me. It felt good to take care of our home, my family.
  • The boys both got haircuts
  • Both kids are bathed and nails clipped :)
  • The Christmas directions are down and put away
  • The living room is cleaned and put back in order, including the glider being back in the room after being out of the living room since November
  • Both the kids' rooms are cleaned, (a little girl I know is going to be in charge of vacuuming and mopping her room from now on since she showed such interest in the mop!)
  • The coffee is made for morning, just has to be turned on
  • Backpacks are ready by the door, with snacks already packed
  • School clothes are laid out in the kids' rooms
  • The Brita tank is back in the fridge (after purging of Christmas left-overs) and has a new filter in it
  • All the beds have clean sheets and duvet covers on them

I know that it's easy to be organized today, but I am hoping that with some re-ordering of my time and priorities, I can stop or at least slow the normal slow slide into controlled chaos. And granted, my desk is still piled high, there are dust-bunnies in the hall, the kitchen floor needs mopping, both bathrooms need a clean, and our bedroom needs vacuuming. But still, it feels good to be as far along as I am right now.

Now I'm off for some well-earned chill-time with my hubby, who was very helpful today!

Saying Goodbye

Last night, our friend and colleague, Deela Dyck, went home to be with Jesus. She has been struggling with ovarian cancer for the past three years.

Please pray for the family she leaves behind: her husband Al, sons Bobby and Daniel, and daughter Katie, who is Meg's age.

I have been thinking about Deela a lot this fall, and praying for her and the family. I kept meaning to write her a note. Now it's too late. It's a good reminder to me to actually follow through on those things.

One Year

One year ago yesterday, Amy sat at our table, looking a little shell-shocked and wondering what on earth she had gotten herself into! She was at the very beginning of a one-year internship with us.

At Thanksgiving, Amy announced her decision to sign-on for another two years, much to our delight. She is a great addition and fit on our team.

So last night we celebrated one year with her by doing the following:
~Ordering Chinese food
~Watching Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
~Teasing Troy about his movie confusion
~Googling "octopus anatomy" to find out what the sucker things on the tentacles are called
and a few other random things that we shall not speak of.

Anyway, we're glad you're staying girl! And here's to two more years!