Laughter and Tears

It has been kind of a manic evening. After school I showed the kids the video below, which made them shriek with laughter. Then during evening prayers we kept thinking about the Dalmatian saying "herro" and we lost it. I'm glad God enjoys our laughter because our prayers were full of lots of snorts tonight.

After prayers though, on the way to getting kids in bed, we discovered Nic had not finished his dinner (he said he did) so had to address that. He was very repentant and tearful. I have noticed him being teary a lot this week, so I wrapped him in a blanket and sat in the rocker with him. I sang to him for a bit, and told him how we had bought the very rocking chair for when he was born. I never rocked my kids to sleep (I wanted them to learn to go to sleep on their own, which they did beautifully) preferring instead to use the chair for cuddle and bonding time. Tonight it felt good to hold my big little man close and sing his old bed-time songs to him.

The blessing of laughter and tears.

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