It's late, and I was already in bed, but my brain is full, so I had to get back up and empty it so I can sleep. It has been a crazy week. I actually had to go look at my blog to see what on earth I wrote last. I'm warning you that this will probably be a ramble, so read at your own peril.

Last week Dad was here from late Monday night until Thursday around lunch. On Thursday we had our "family" Thanksgiving and I was a bit dejected that my guest list had shrunk down to 9 of us including the kids. But we still had fun and yummy food. I was relieved that the turkey fit in the oven.

Friday morning I spent all morning running around doing paperwork so I could start work tomorrow. More on work in a minute. Four bus trips and a trip home for a piece of paper I didn't have with me later, I am now "empadronada" (like registered with city hall I guess) and have a Spanish social security number. Then it was on to service design meeting, then parent teacher conferences at school, then a mad dash to finish my CV before 5:30. Once that was done I crashed on the couch until my friend Pic and the kids came over to eat Thanksgiving leftovers (Troy went out with the lads a bit later.) After we ate (love leftover and friends who don't mind being handed a plate to fill and heat!) Pic and I lolled on the couches while the kids played.

Saturday we spent gearing up for our annual church Thanksgiving dinner that we host. It was too high pressure, but involved cooking 3 (small) turkeys, 2 turkey breast roasts, getting the house ready, going to pick up extra chairs, plates etc. and all that. Thankfully we had so much help from our great people that we were in great shape by the time the doorbell started ringing. We never got an exact count but it was over 50 for sure, and by 7:30 or so (we started at 6) all the green bean casserole, stuffing and sweet potatoes were completely gone. Plenty of desserts though (there still are leftover, come over for a piece! :) )

Today I turned 39. I didn't get out of bed until my family came in at 10 with my breakfast on a tray :) After scavenger hunts created by the kids (that's a whole post in itself) we got cracking, because we are insane. Insane because we decorated the house for Christmas today and had to clean it first after last night. Then we had a few friends over this evening to celebrate my birthday. Yes, we are nuts. But the tree sure looks pretty!

Anyway, so tomorrow morning I will go sign a work contract as a temp receptionist. I'll be working for a friend of mine who is an office manager a week here and there. I have not worked in an office for almost 11 years, and I have never worked in a Spanish office, so we'll see. Thankfully I am strangely at peace about it tonight and not nervous. I'll let you know how I feel on Friday after a week of 9-6! It's really a provision though as we need the money, and I'm thankful I'll get paid in euros.

Troy and I have also been frantically working on a new blog we are launching in hopes of bringing in some extra income. Hopefully we'll be ready in a few days. I'll keep you posted on that.

I am sadly behind in my Jesse tree ornaments but I still hope we can do it. I have the first six completely stitched but still have to finish them somehow. After that if I can stay a day ahead I guess we are OK :)

I have no idea what this week will bring blog-wise. I'm taking my laptop to the office with me but I am sure I won't be blogging!

All in all 39 is a good place to be!

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